Francesco began studying music in Rome Italy 1991 and lately he graduated with Jazz Master degree at Guildhall School of Music and Drama (London) His interest in jazz and blues was sparked off in New Orleans and New York (1992-94) where he played in street bands and had his first lessons with drummer Brian Blade. Francesco moved to London in the summer 1996 and has since been on the scene working both as freelancer session drummer working as co-leader with various Brazilian-Jazz bands. Francesco's ability and versatility while in America, Italy and London has put him in constant demand within many styles. He has played with: Alex Wilson, Dennis Rollins, Nicky Illes ,Gilad Atzmon, John Taylor, Jean Toussaint ,Renato D’Aiello, Phil Lee, John Critchinson ,Julian Siegel, Nigel Price, Mark bassey and many others.
I have seen Francesco play many times and he has always impressed me with his creative and energetic drumming. He is a charismatic front man and I believe his talent for communicating with audiences is unsurpassed in London “.
(J. Philips. –Oriole/Jazz Umbrella)